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You May Not Realize It, but Your POSTURE Can Make the Difference in Your Survival

There are survival protocols and postures in every entity and arena of life.  Even on airplanes, they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first then help the child or person next to you.

If you are ever physically attacked by a criminal, it is intuitive to run and or hide.  But that may be the worse thing you can do.  We are not saying to be unwise. There are times when you know you have a clear escape route, and you should go!  And GO as quickly as possible.

You May Not Realize It, but Your POSTURE Can Make the Difference in Your Survival

But if during an attack, you are already compromised, this posture and these positions will give you an advantage in a fight.  You don’t even have to be bigger than your assailant to survive, just smarter!  While some of these postures seem counter intuitive, upon examination they make perfect sense.

Grab a partner and practice these survival techniques.

Watch the video now.

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