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When You Don’t Have Your Gun, Learn To Do This

Because the ‘bad guy’ can often be bigger, i.e. taller and heavier, than a woman, we highly recommend all women do whatever is necessary to train and license themselves to carry a firearm.  It levels the playing field considerably.  But we also recommend that you also learn other self-defense methods.

When You Don’t Have Your Gun, Learn To Do This

It’s better to be armed and knowledgeable and never need it than to need it and not know what to do. Hapkido is a self-defense art of using your own body weight and maneuvers to protect yourself regardless of size.  This is one of the most comprehensive self-defense systems. This video shows a simple yet extremely effective Hapkido move that anyone can learn.  You will need a partner for practice, but it will be fun and worthwhile!

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