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When Portable is Key for Firearm Safety During Travel

I do quite a bit of traveling around the United States and occasionally abroad for different projects.  There needs to be some thought given to the actual storage of a firearm when the law says you’re in an area that is illegal to take it out of your car. Then there’s a concern about traveling by airplane and using the plastic box that came with the firearm to store it in your checked luggage. Finally, storing you firearm in a hotel room can be scary especially with housekeepers coming in and out everyday.

When Portable is Key for Firearm Safety During Travel

To prevent theft of your firearm thus allowing the wrong hands to get hold of your defense tool, this special item could just be the answer. This item can also be used to store jewelry & even cash.  This little item can be pretty tough to get into with these special features. Who cares if the thief is frustrated by your security measures, right?

This special travel item is a miniature gun safe with these features:

  • Multiple sizes.  Size medium holds a Glock 17.
  • Padded & fits inside tight spaces, including luggage, with ease.
  • Special feature: Includes cable to secure the box to car seat, furniture, etc.

Watch the video now.

Don’t let this happen to you……mother shot by child in back seat of their car while she was sitting in the driver’s seat.  After she gets out of the hospital, she faces a possible 180 days in jail for allowing a child access to a firearm. This is so unfortunate and our hearts go out to this mother and child.  This is why we exist to help people learn and prevent accidents like this.

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