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You Need to Know This Before Drawing Your Handgun-UPDATED

If an attacker were to strike you in the front by grabbing the fabric of your lapel or shoulder area, it’s best to put some distance between you before drawing your handgun?  Right?  Let’s learn some advantages to learning these moves.  Also discover single component necessary to making the right move work for you.

Vital Moves You Need to Know Before Drawing Your Handgun-UPDATED

You need to know this sequence of moves before ever drawing your handgun. Knowing this will save your life….

Utilizing a more holistic approach to self defense keeps you alert to your surroundings and enables you in making split-second decisions that just might prevent you from firing your defensive handgun even if you have no choice but to draw.

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Understand that you NEVER want to draw your handgun when an attacker is that close to you.  Learn some moves to put distance between you BEFORE you draw your handgun.

These are simple moves to think about and practice in your mind as well as physically with a partner.  Knowing which direction to move is the single most important element in getting a strong footing to defend yourself.

When your life depends on it, it’s best to know all your options before drawing and firing your personal defensive firearm.

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