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Unusual But Effective 1st Responders in Attempted Home Invasion

What happens when three men invade this South African home is a lesson for people everywhere.  When the intruders entered the home, they obviously thought they would only encounter an easy victim.

Unusual But Effective First Responders in Attempted Home Invasion

That was not the case.  Preparation is key. The occupants of this resident were prepared with more than just their chosen defense weapons. When you’re sleeping at night, these first responders are great to alert you – and in time – but they’re still not equipped to defend you.  You will need more as you will see on the video.

Watch what happens and in what sequence.

Your pets can help alert you to the need for extra vigilance, but they cannot save your life.  Only preparation, quick thinking and determination can do that.  This woman was alerted by her cat’s unusual behavior, but took action herself to protect her home.

Watch the video now.

Now watch the Q&A of home owner and what was on their mind when all this happened. You won’t miss these interesting insights and how you, too, can better secure your home against home invasions.



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