Defense Tactics

Understanding Police Procedures During An Active Shooter Scenario

Generally, the active shooter never intends on surviving the shootout and they take their lives at first contact with armed resistance.  They only want to kill innocent people who can’t fight back. Most schools are gun free zones and active shooters know that when they start shooting hoping to kill as many as possible before they’re stopped by the first armed person to fight back.

If there are no citizens actively involved in stopping the shooter, first responding officers have to maneuver their way to the shooter’s location and do these same defense procedures because the longer they wait for backup, the more people die.

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If you are the first responding citizen to stop an active shooter, be sure to identify yourself with loud commands so police officers can easily distinguish you as the good guy.  If possible, once the threat is stopped, holster your handgun and show police hands raised in compliant to their commands.

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