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Trigger Pull and Other Top Shooting Tips . . .

You’ve got one hour at the indoor range before you have to get home to relieve the babysitter and cook dinner. You’re a little distracted by the shooters in the other lanes down from you but you’re trying your best to focus. However, all your shots seem to be going off to the left from where you’re aiming.

Trigger Pull and Other Shooting Tips . . .

Before you get frustrated, stop, take a deep breath and practice these tips for better results, including more accurate shooting.

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This video recommends the weaver stance.  In an earlier article, we discussed the weaver versus isosceles stance for women. There’s always good reasons why instructors suggest one tip over another.   Just remember, whatever you practice is probably what your body will do during a high stress situation.  If the weaver stance gives you better balance but causes you pain in your hips, realize that during a high stress encounter, you won’t feel any hip pain until it’s all over.

You have to be the judge on how much practice you do with your hip pain.  Perhaps a blend in the stance practice would be best for someone with hip pain.  Also, remember the isosceles stance is taught to all beginning shooters simply because it builds confidence in their accuracy skills before adding new techniques to their shooting regime.

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