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To Stun, Run or Fire A Handgun – Answered By You or?

Moms who have already crossed this decision making process prefer the ultimate force multiplier as being their personal protection handgun. But what about traveling into places where firearms are not allowed?  Is a stun gun your best option?

To Stun, Run or Fire A Handgun – Answered By You or Others?

Actually, the laws on stun guns are as ever changing as gun laws.  I had a student in one of our Conceal Carry Classes who was a victim of domestic violence. When she went to purchase a stun gun she was told that a firearm would be better for her circumstances.  Knowing that her ex-husband had a pace maker could be perceived by a judge as premeditated murder if she ever used the stun gun on him, even if in self defense.

Last month, a Massachusetts top court ruled to ban stun guns from private possession.

Nevertheless, we note that stun guns deliver a charge of up to 50,000 volts. They are designed to incapacitate a target by causing disabling pain, uncontrolled muscular contractions, and general disruption of the central nervous system…. It is difficult to detect clear signs of use and misuse of stun guns, unlike handguns. Stun guns can deliver repeated or prolonged shocks without leaving marks. …The Legislature rationally could ban their use in the interest of public health, safety, or welfare. Removing from public access devices that can incapacitate, injure, or kill a person by disrupting the central nervous system with minimal detection is a classic legislative basis supporting rationality. It is immaterial that the Legislature has not banned weapons that are more lethal. Mathematical precision by the Legislature is not constitutionally required.

So where can you have a stun gun?


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