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5 Tips for Surviving An Active Shooter

Life is crazy these days and everyone begins to wonder what they’d do if this or that happens.   A few scoff at you and call you paranoid.  Well, paranoia or situational awareness – whatever you want to call it – could save your life.

5 Tips for Surviving An Active Shooter

It’s not wrong to think ahead and plan your personal protection maneuvers in the event of any crisis.  Today’s video covers the “for instance” of being inside a corporate building when suddenly you hear popping noises much like a gun firing.

Here are some great tips for you and your family to stay alive.



  • Stay Alert – if you see something suspicious – tell authorities immediately – if you make a mistake – it’s okay
  • Have a plan – notice entrances and exits from your immediate location
  • Take cover away from shooter toward open doors and keep moving diagonally, if necessary
  • If you have a gun, take cover first before shooting to stop the threat
  • Stay on your feet or against a wall so you’re not trampled by the panicky crowd
  • Stay hidden and quiet until you hear help has arrived or they’ve found you

More Tips:

  • If you can’t make it outside, find a room with appliances you can push in front of the door to bar it shut
  • Turn off the lights
  • Stay quiet, breathe in slowly to calm your heart rate so you can think clearly
  • Use your cell phone to text your whereabouts to family or friends to alert authorities


Of course, there are other scenarios that call for different security measures like the gunmen who shot and killed a news reporter and cameraman in Virginia on live television, wounding a third person and then later turning the gun on himself when cornered by police.

The trio did not see the gunman approaching and knew nothing until shots were fired.  It’s a shame that a fourth person, with the sole job of spotting such ill intentions evolving, might need to be armed to alert and protect news reporters on the job in our society today, especially those television stations with disgruntled, released employees in their history.

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