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This Simple Trick Improves Shooting Accuracy

Some ladies in my classes tell me they have no trouble shooting their rifle but still can’t accurately shoot their pistol.  The first thing I ask them is if they have iron sights or an optic installed on their rifle?  Some say “yes” and some say “no”.  Well, that helps me determine if it’s aligning their sights or a personal focus issue.

This Simple Trick Improves Shooting Accuracy

This simple trick will help anyone having trouble lining up their sights on their pistol to hit the target every time.  All you need is some white-out and this instructional video and you’ll be on your way to more accurate shooting – and fast.



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This Little Defense Tool Helps When A Gun Will Not

Just having this little defense tool in my hand and ready at all times averted a hefty men sizing me up & down with his eyes. But I also discovered this tool is good for water emergencies as well.

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