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This One Security Product Could Save Your Family Business

While we usually focus on personal and home safety and security, this review is about protection on a larger scale.  After all, we want dad and/or mom to come home safely every night, right?

If you are a business owner, you know that your employees and your staff are your most valuable asset.  In a small business they all become your ‘work family.’  They are also your most valuable asset, your most expensive investment and would not be easily replaced.

This One Security Product Could Save Your Family Business

Every business owner, even though you might be in a relatively low crime area, can’t afford the ‘what ifs’.  Just to get the permit to operate in your building, you had to prepare a safety plan to the city officials.  It is a well known fact that criminals usually target businesses with the weakest security.  Even if your community is not classified as ‘high-crime’, there is no assurance that a locally owned convenience store, gas station or bank is safe.

But here’s what just might turn those odds around for you.

As you watch the video, keep in mind these 3 things to consider:

  • What’s the cost of protection compared to the cost of loss of life?
  • What’s the cost of negative publicity?
  • What’s the impact on insurance savings?

Watch the video now.

Now watch a heavy item being purposefully dropped onto the same type of glass and review the outcome. Plus find out how this could be used on a smaller scale to protect your family at home.

Watch the video now.

On a smaller scale, if you are developing a safe “place” for your family to take shelter in your home away from stray bullets during a home invasion, a piece of this type glass just might be the product to store inside the children’s bedroom.

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