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The RIGHT way to Load & Clear A Handgun Without a Misfire

There is no disgrace in being a ‘beginner.’ The shame would be in never beginning at all. In fact, may experienced shooters waste precious seconds handling their gun in a manner that feels good but could cause problems in a high stress situation.  This is a very easy procedure but one that many get confused when it comes to using which hand for what purpose.

The RIGHT way to Load & Clear A Handgun Without a Misfire

Another challenge is being able to tell whether or not the ammunition is sitting properly in the magazine so that it feeds easily into the chamber. Also, discover one little feature on your gun that causes the first round to seat inside the chamber without racking the slide.

Finally, find out the one procedure used that causes more misfires and accidents than any other.

And remember, if you continue to be uncomfortable with any of these disciplines, discuss it with your instructor or training partner(s). Sometimes an objective eye can spot the issues quicker and help you get to the next level of proficiency.

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