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The Distance It Takes A .45 To Stop A Threat

There’s an old army style test that says that if the bullet can penetrate a 1/2 inch pine plywood board, it has the potential to cause a lethal wound if properly placed. Using this standard, there is a series of tests performed by federal that you may find beneficial as you choose a personal defense hand gun.

The Distance It Takes A .45 To Stop A Threat

Discover exactly what width plywood board was used and at what distances.  The capability of a .45 caliber handgun is amazing as you will soon find out for yourself.

In this test a .45 is used, not only with a 1/2 inch plywood board, but also with a 3/4 inch plywood board.   He not only tested the gun and the ammo, but tested the gun from different distances.  Keep in mind that range testing is for the purpose of testing the capability of the gun.

Watch the video now.

As you make your decision, keep in mind what the different scenarios could be. Your purpose for self defense is to stop a threat to your person, property or family.

Plus, remember that both decision making and training should be harmonious with your personal situation as well as your mindset.  Personal self defense decisions and training always start with mindset.  If you are as far away as some of these tests, you may want to use the distance to help you escape. You are not trying to cause harm, but to be safe.

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