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Stopping Power of a Shotgun For Home Defense Has This One Problem

We’ve posted articles about the stopping power of 9mm and .22LR handguns. Then we got a request from one of valued readers about demonstrating the stopping power of a shotgun.  She explains her interest in this information: “I successfully stopped an intruder years ago by shooting his legs out with birdshot and a German Shepherd but I think in these days I need something much more effective in stopping a intruder.”

Stopping Power of a Shotgun For Home Defense Has This One Problem

And she may be right in her assessment given particular scenarios.  Today’s videos will help you make a wise decision whether to keep your shotgun handy or search for a different crime stopper tool.  As you’ll find out, we see only one problem with a shotgun.
The main problem with a shotgun is its over-penetration soaring beyond your target – if you miss – but these three options still make the shotgun a great tool:
  • don’t miss your target
  • shoot outside – which is only viable if you live in a rural wooded area behind your home
  • the shotgun has incredible stopping power

Watch the video now.

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