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Solid Defense Tactics for Moms Living In Rural Areas

I’ve lived in the city limits and I’ve lived in rural areas.  One thing is true – police response to 911 calls vary depending on your location.  And I’ve heard wise Sheriffs tell people to arm and train themselves to defend their families because there’s no way they can get to them in time to stop a threat.

 Solid Defense Tactics for Moms Living In Rural Areas

There are good and bad tactical defense moves a home owner will conduct hoping for a successful outcome. We’re going to look at the different tactical defense moves and discover why they’re good – or bad.  Let’s first look at a list of items that will help you survive a home invasion.

Here’s is a list of items that will help you beat the odds of surviving a home invasion:

  • family plan that is easily communicated for initiation
  • home defense tool – handgun, rifle, flashlight
  • outside monitors and lighting
  • safe area for solid positioning to defend
  • technology inside the safe area (room)
    • monitor screens to detect how many intruders and their location
    • phone to call 911
  • Aftermath plan to deal with police and attorneys for defense in court

While these items may take some time, energy and a budget plan to acquire, there are some tactics, in addition to the items, that also must be considered and applied.

  1. At first notice of an intruder, while simultaneously communicating to family to get to the safe area (room), turn on all the exterior lighting as a encouragement for the intruders to leave.
  2. Stay inside the house in a solid position to defend the safe room and your loved ones.  Never go searching for the intruders location.  Let the monitors give you that information so you know if they’re about to strike and the best defense plan if the strike happens before police arrive.
  3. Do not exit the safe area (room) until the monitors clearly show you it’s okay and the police have arrived and the intruders are apprehended.
  4. Request to take yourself and all family members present to the emergency room, doctor’s office or clinic so a professional can document your traumatic experience by checking your vitals and notating your physiological changes.  These medical documents will help you in a court of law.  If you, or any family member, becomes suddenly nauseous or starts having chest pains, ask for emergency care and to leave without delay.
  5. Be careful what you say to the police. Some knowledgeable lawyers and former police recommend you don’t talk to police without your attorney present.  Others says first impressions are important and suggest that you present your case briefly and clearly before someone else presents a different story. Either way be prepared by having legal representation that are available when you need them. 

Watch the VIDEO for all the rest of the details….

Get the full scope of these home defense tactics by watching this short video.



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