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Sock That Rapist Where? You Got it . . .

I wouldn’t hesitate to do it myself nor teach my daughters how.  What am I talking about? I’m talking about thinking it through before it happens.  You know, when an asocial criminal charges toward you or attacks you in an elevator in the usual cowardly fashion.  What can you do? Think about the human body for a minute.  There are vulnerable places that will never get any stronger than they already are but can take down the whole body if inflicted in just the right manner.

Sock That Rapist Where? You Got it . . .

Where are the most debilitating places to hit hard when an attacker is determined to rape or kill you? And know this, there are definitely more than one area to choose from.

Now for those dear ladies who have already experienced rape in your lifetime, sock it to the rapist and report this criminal act before he does it again.

This trainer suggests a pen – for an even better option watch this video on the tactical pen:  3-steps-to-safety-when-walking-to-your-car-alone-at-night

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