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Shotgun Loads Do This To Interior Walls

You’ve awakened to the sound of  shattering glass in the middle of the night.  You jar yourself further awake and jump to your feet nudging your spouse to get in defense ready mode. You grab your loaded shotgun and begin walking toward the broken glass.  Now you realize in order to stop these intruders from coming any further toward you, you’ll have to shoot in the direction of another bedroom where guests are sleeping. What happens next is determined by your knowledge level of your gun, your shooting accuracy and this….

Knowing the mechanics of your gun is vital to any defense plan. But also knowing which load to use that won’t over penetrate is also just as vital especially when other members of your family may be sleeping in the room beyond the targeted threat that you’re aiming at.

Shotgun Loads Do This To Interior Walls

Here’s the ultimate test that will demonstrate the proof of penetration to a home’s interior walls using various loads from a 12 gauge shotgun. You’ll notice they’ve constructed the tester walls per a home builder’s code.  Then you’ll see the effects of the different loads used in these tests.  In 8 minutes you’ll have some solid answers to add to your home defense plan if a shotgun is part of your defense tools.


These are the loads that will be tested today:

  • Birdshot
  • Slugs
  • Several types of Buckload
  • Waxers

Watch the video now.


In our scenario above, you could also yell out the family “code word” causing those sleeping in the other bedroom to drop to the floor face down to prevent any innocent crossfire hits.

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  • Idiots whose conclusions defy good practice; if you value your life and the life of your loved ones, you are urged to seek out more credible ‘experts’.

    The purpose of shooting an attacker is to stop the threat. The only sure way to stop a threat is to either disrupt the central nervous system (CNS, brain stem or upper spinal column), or to disrupt the flow of blood to the brain which, depending on shot placement and the extent of the injuries, may take a while; a bad guy may consciously continue to attack for 10-15 seconds after even an immediately fatal heart shot. Short of rendering an intruder physically incapable of continuing their attack, the only other reason for an attack to stop is psychological; the intruder voluntarily decides to stop, which is certainly not guaranteed, particularly with a determined attacker or one who may be fueled by drugs. Birdshot may create a very nasty wound and may cause an attacker to voluntarily abandon the fight, but will not penetrate deep enough into the human body to reliably reach vital organs and render an attacker physically incapable of continuing their attack; if an attacker is wearing heavy clothing, birdshot may not even penetrate their skin.

    Any round (rifle, pistol, or shotgun) capable of physically stopping an attacker is also capable of penetrating walls. Conversely, any round which will not penetrate walls is incapable of physically stopping an attacker. These idiots’ recommendation that you use ineffective rounds in the false hope that your family members on the other side of walls will be safe will neither reliably stop the attacker, nor guarantee that those loved ones on the other side of the wall will not be struck; you must assume that any round is capable of penetrating walls, even if it did not do so in their 1-shot experiment. Their recommendation to use a ‘rainbow loading’ is also lunacy.

    Thus, you need to a) load your shotgun with the most effective load for reliably stopping an attacker (IMHO, #1 buckshot for home defense) and, b) consider various defensive scenarios before they occur and plan your response to prevent injury or death to others. Possibilities include dropping to the floor so rounds are directed upward toward the ceiling, and/or rolling off the side of the bed which would cause a shot toward the doorway to not align with a loved one’s bedroom; your plan needs to be tailored to your particular situation.

    IMHO, #1 buck offers the best combination of penetrating an attacker deep enough to reach vital organs without over-penetrating, exiting their body, and subsequently penetrating walls behind them (still, anything is possible).

    Neutering your defense in the false hope of preventing injury to a loved one on the other side of a wall could possibly result in everyone being killed by a determined attacker (even if the attacker ultimately dies of complications from a nasty flesh wound).

    I do not claim to be an expert, but I have done considerable research into the subject. I only urge that you do the same, rather than relying on the junk science and opinion of a couple of yokels with a video camera and an internet connection.

    • Everyone’s “advice” is up for reproof, re-consideration, etc., by the reader themselves. You admit you’re not an expert either.

      We would also like to ask people who comment to keep their ‘name calling’ to a zero factor. Calling others idiots does not suddenly bring on an alert to what you have to say is any wiser.

      No one is advocating to ‘neuter’ their defense plan but yes, it is a viable consideration as to what type ammunition you use because of the fact that a younger member of your family could be innocently sleeping in the next room. Furthermore, with more research, you’ll find there are specially designed ammunition for different type handguns and rifles (it’s an ongoing design & production goal) that will go through a body and stop or go through a wall and drop without penetrating through to innocence on the other side.

      If you’ve thought of it – or dreamed of it – or asked a question about it – there’s a manufacturer out there working to produce an answer and that, my friend, is to all our benefit.

      The videos here are to help people think of the possibilities they must consider for their own family & situation. There is no iron clad answer that fits everyone’s household as you well put it: “your plan needs to be tailored to your particular situation.” All that said, the best of both worlds would be to practice so you don’t miss the target – period!

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