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Shooting Prone Tactics From Flat On Your Belly or On Your Back Positions

It’s no joke that situations arise quickly and you don’t have control of the timing or location.  Nor do you have the luxury of choosing what position you must shoot from to stay safe.  Choosing your cover is crucial but knowing how to shoot from a position on your belly or flat on your back or from a prone position, is also just as critical.

Shooting Prone Tactics From Flat On Your Belly or
On Your Back Positions

These are great tips to keep in mind and practice with an unloaded gun to give yourself that muscle memory edge – just in case.

How you get down on your belly or back in a critical defense moment is just as crucial to develop body muscle memory as it is to simultaneously draw your handgun in preparation for firing once in position.

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Hear this training on prone positioning …


Another view from a male instructor …


What about shooting prone with a rifle?



Keep in mind the difference between cover that slows or stops bullets coming at you versus concealment which only hides you from view until, of course, you begin shooting at the threat – then they will know from which you are firing unless you move your position.

A car or truck engine is okay but a tire is better for cover.  Huge metal trash containers are good also.

Stay alert to your surroundings and scope out good cover wherever you go to keep your reflexes sharp – just in case.

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