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See For Yourself The Penetration of Various Ammunition

You already know that ammunition is not created equal.  Knowing what your chosen ammo can do is vital when choosing for practice and personal protection that you carry loaded in your self defense handgun all day.

Many are concerned about over penetration especially if they should ever have to defend themselves inside their home where they kids may be sleeping in the next room.

See For Yourself The Penetration of Various Ammunition

Find out what happens when certain ammunition is shot through different substances during different scenarios.  You’ll see a live demonstration in this video of a certain caliber going through furniture, drywall and even a car windshield.

Watch the video now!


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  • God test
    I carry a full sized Kimber. TLE II .45 ACP.
    I normally carry Georgia Arms new manf 230 gr Deep Curl H.P.’S + P at 850 FPS, and penatrate about 12″ and they expand to around 740 in my testing,very good for a defence load.
    My wife got me a 20 round box of Hornady EXTREAME DUTY ,220 gr +P h.p.’S
    I’d love to see more testing of this round.. That one box of 20 coat almost $30.00 so I can’t afford to shot a bunch of it testing it.
    The Georiga Arms cost around $60.00 for 50 rounds so I’ve done some testing with it .
    I carry their 124 gr + P H.P. 9 mm at 1,250 FPS in my 9 MM’s.
    I trust my life to their rounds, but I’m intrigued these new Hornaday rounds if you could please do more testing with both of 45 ACP and the 9 millimeter thank you very much

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