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Precise Sight Alignment for Small Guns

Small guns are great for easy carry and concealment, and easy handling.  But sometimes precision is sacrificed for size.  Don’t be frustrated after hours of practice and you’re still not as accurate as you would like to be.  There is help for aligning sights on smaller handguns. Technology has given us some great tools, and this is no exception.

Precise Sight Alignment for Small Guns

No matter the lighting of any room, the small sights on a small gun are difficult to align. This simple solution may seem superfluous for such a small gun, but you will find it invaluable for precise shooting.   Don’t let expense get in the way, either… some savvy shopping will help you find a relatively inexpensive resolution to your sight alignment problems.   It’s worth the time, trouble and expense, and it may even save your life.

Just so you know:  In a real self defense situation, you may not even use your sights because the distance between you and the perpetrator will be too close to extend the arms and line up the sights.  Instead, you’ll find yourself drawing and keeping your gun close to your body and turning from side to side toward the threat to shoot.

That being said, it’s still important you learn how to properly line up your sights at the range when shooting.  Lining up the sights on a handgun is important for building confidence through accurate shooting.

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