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Overcoming the Flinch While Shooting a Gun

I had a very special student one day struggle with shooting a gun for the first time at an indoor range. The biggest issue was “flinching” before and after each shot.  Then it took her several minutes between shots to get up enough nerve to pull the trigger again. For new shooters, this is perfectly normal  but not so hard to overcome.  So let’s talk about three great ways to deal with “flinching” while shooting a gun.

Overcoming the Flinch While Shooting a Gun

First, let’s understand what causes the flinch:

  • Anticipating the noise
  • Anticipating the recoil

One way I’ve gotten ladies to overcome their flinch, when time is of essence during a Conceal Carry Class and tight pattern shooting is not required  to pass the live fire test, is to think ahead to shoot five rounds without stopping, counting smoothly and slowly in their head while squeezing the trigger.  This allows them to focus on the counting and the required motion of the consistent trigger pull temporarily taking their mind off the noise and the recoil.

However, that is a temporary fix that might not stay with her when she goes out to practice after class is over.

Watch this demonstration of a drill that will certainly help any shooter overcome flinching.

This is a must see for any shooter who flinches.

Watch the video now.


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  • Using a revolver, have a friend load the cylinder (you can’t peek) alternately with hot rounds and spent cases. If the handgun nosedives when the trigger is pulled on a spent case, you are flinching. Do this exercise until the handgun doesn’t nosedive on spent cases. Repeat as required, flinching doesn’t go away, we merely keep it in check. Dry firing at home works too… Be sure the gun is UNLOADED!!! … Pick a sighting point on a wall, and dry fire away. You’re doing it right when the sights don’t move off your sighting point when the hammer/striker falls

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