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One Simple Key To Proper Trigger Press

This is probably the most critical tip to shooting accurately with a handgun.  You may get away with not doing this with a rifle shooting from a sand bag but to shoot a pistol, you’d better know this simple key.

One Simple Key To Proper Trigger Press

Concentrating on this vital key with repetition as you practice working your trigger press will ensure you become an accurate shot with your firearm.  Dry fire repeatedly like he shows you in the video to build into your memory this simple key to success.  And always remember, firearm safety starts with you!

The key to properly pulling the trigger is a straight motion back.  Just practice manipulating your trigger finger in a straight back motion toward the web of your hand. Next thing, make sure the trigger lands precisely on the pad of your finger – exactly – not inside the joint and not on the tip of the finger.  As you pull the trigger, keep your eyes on the front sight to make sure they’re not dipping or moving to the right or left.  Watch the dry fire practice demonstration.

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