Defense Tactics

One Man’s BackYard is Another’s Burger King

These are great stories of real people just like you and I going about our business as usual when an attack happens.  No frills, no fluff – just law-abiding citizens who know the laws of their state and carry out honest self defense tactics to defend themselves and their property.

One Man’s BackYard is Another’s Burger King

Notice, neither of the men made the mistake we’ve seen others do over and over.  Yes, both had to literally fire off shots from their handgun to make their defense posture sure but check out what else happens.

Take note of what each of these guys did and did NOT do in each circumstance.



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This Little Defense Tool Helps When A Gun Will Not

Just having this little defense tool in my hand and ready at all times averted a hefty men sizing me up & down with his eyes. But I also discovered this tool is good for water emergencies as well.

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