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One Home Invasion Legal Tip You Should Know


We know about early warning systems that help us get into a proper position to defend ourselves against home invaders.  Yeah, we know about them but how many do we actually have in place right at this moment?

One Home Invasion Legal Tip You Should Know

Knowing what to do and taking the steps to get it done could mean the difference between winning or losing a legal battle after the fact.  One homeowner went through this so this legal attorney offers this advice to all gun owners, whether you carry concealed daily or whether you defend your home.

Remember these basic tips:

  • lock your doors and windows (no cost)
  • install motion or light detectors ($30-70)
  • have a barking dog on the premise or at least a dog bowl and sign “Beware of Dog” ($10 up)
  • own and train with a firearm of choice ($300 up)

Actually no one needs to be without a dog these days with the electronic REX around……and you don’t have to feed him or pay for grooming and annual vaccinations.  You can get him over at for around $65-90 which is much less than a professional alarm system costing $100 up per month after a $400 installation fee.


Okay, so there are some reminders of what you can do right now but what’s the one home invasion tip you haven’t thought of?


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