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My Bullets Won’t Hit The Target

Anyone, including moms and kids, can get pretty frustrated real quick trying to shoot at the range and they just can’t hit the target at all. Well, there’s several factors to consider.  If the bullets are hitting off to the right or left, then we would look at sight alignment, stance and grip.  If no shots are creating holes on the target at all, then this is what we need to attend to.

My Bullets Won’t Hit The Target

Your bullets aren’t refusing to hit your target.  They’re just not making contact with the target. Watch the video and do this simple little test by yourself and it will help.   If you can’t figure it out yourself, then ask an instructor to help you.  Correcting this single shooting issue will allow you to see your shots ripping through the target for sure.

Watch the video now….

I’ve had veterans and law enforcement wives in my shooting classes, who, after being taught this simple test were simply amazed how instantly their shooting improved.  In fact, their husbands or dads were shocked by their “target proofs” that they shot much better than ever before.

One male Vietnam veteran said to me, “I was never taught anything about eye dominance when taking military training to shoot in the war.”  Of course this was years ago and our military training has far exceeded this now, but for those Veterans from that time period – well, they want to know this vital technique, too.

Things have certainly changed over the years and good instructors seek out the reasons students are having trouble and when they discover a solution to the problem, they share their findings with other instructors because we’re all sure to run across similar issues with our students.

And by the way, everyone knows that shooting is much more fun when the bullets are making contact with the target!


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