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Moms Shoot Accurately With This Vital Support Hand Grip Technique – Updated

Moms have gentle touches, especially when cradling their newborn babies. Some women prefer a snugly environment using products such as softening dish soap as well as laundry detergent. But this by no means Mom is “soft” about everything.

Moms Shoot Accurately With This Vital Support Hand Grip Technique – Updated

In fact, moms learn quickly how to prepare their stance and grip when shooting a firearm.  You can see in the video  a demonstration of how holding a firearm this way can improve your overall accuracy.

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That was a  great explanation for why you need to properly grip the handgun.  Now let’s see what applying pressure in certain areas will actually accomplish when shooting a handgun.

Watch the video now.

When it counts the most, Mom is prepared to defend her family the best.  Her mindset is determined to “live” no matter the odds and her grip on the firearm will be strong and accurate, even if she has to shoot single handed.

Way to go, Mom!

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