Defense Tactics

Moms Can Disarm An Attacker With One Sharp Move

We talk to moms first about self defense because ultimately she is the one who will greatly influence her children into learning how to stay safe and defend themselves.

Certain self defense moves are basic but vital to know because, even if you carry a concealed firearm for personal protection, a close encounter attack is not the best time to draw and shoot.

In an up close attack, you want to disarm your attacker first, put distance between you and then draw, if necessary.

If you’re able to run to safety and get help, that’s even better. Or perhaps your kids will know to run in the opposite direction.

Moms Can Disarm An Attacker With One Sharp Move

If an attacker has any type of weapon in his hand but hasn’t actually hit you with it yet, this is the move you want to make to stop the attack quick.

Moms, you can disarm an attacker with this one sharp move.




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