Defense Tactics

Family Tactics For a Home Invasion

The most important aspect to defending your home is having a “force multiplier” in hand to stop the threat immediately before anyone in your family gets hurt.  While a mom can have the family firearm in hand, there are other home weapons readily available for children to distract a criminal, if necessary, to give mom the angle needed to shoot and stop the threat.

These type weapons include:

  • backpack thrown at their face
  • a DVD container full of chump change
  • lamp stand
  • iron candle stick
  • skillet from the kitchen

Note:  Never go to the kitchen and show perps which drawer the knives are kept.  A knife is no match against a criminal with a gun.

Remember: You know your home better than any invader and it’s up to you to position yourself to be in control of the situation to stop the threat.

Photo by: “Family-room-700” by Andwhatsnext at the English language Wikipedia. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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