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Knowing Pistol Actions Is Vital For A Purchase & Defense Plan

The pistol action matters at different stages of life, especially if you still have young children at home. You must become proficient whichever type pistol action you’ve chosen so you can swiftly stop a threat.  You also must remember how to utilize the pistol action during high stress situations so you’re able to get the first shot off without fumbling.

Knowing Pistol Actions Is Vital For A
Purchase & Defense Plan

It’s good to think of these things before you purchase your defensive handgun but also when it comes time to practice in your mind and at the range.

Watch the video that explains the different pistol actions available….





  • I am very very interested in the Glock 17 safe action pistol can you give me any and all information a different kind of holsters best way to carry it price range any of this thank you I watch your videos faithfully you have really helped me become a master at this thank you

  • Hello Cheryl,

    There are so many factors to consider when making a decision about your personal defense handgun, for instance, you body stature, height, weight, and even shape when considering where you will conceal the firearm safely.

    The Glock 17 is a fairly large gun and would be a little difficult, in my opinion, to conceal carry all day for most women, depending on size and shape and occupation. I carried the Glock 19, also safe action but still pretty hefty in size, for a while but use it now as a back-up for home defense. My body stature just doesn’t allow me to use that size gun when conceal carrying. That said, they are both a lot of fun to shoot.

    Just google holsters on our site here and there are several great articles reviewing holsters for women that just might help you decide on one for yourself, of course, after you’ve made a decision about your firearm.

    I hope that helps. Your best bet is to locate a local woman instructor and attend some classes. Most likely, they will have an inventory or firearms you can hold to see if they fit your hand, etc. Then take that trip to the store but be careful not to be sold anything until you’ve had a chance to rent and shoot the gun at a reputable shooting range in your area.

    Have a great week,
    Moms & Guns

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