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Have Your Kids Witness the Fire Power This Bulletproof Glass Can Take

Have your kids ever asked why a person at McDonald’s check out is behind that funny looking thick window? or the drive through at the bank? or perhaps the gas station?  Kids can be keen observers and this is one conversation you want to take your time explaining. This kind of information empowers your children to be aware of their surroundings in case of an emergency.

Have Your Kids Witness the Fire Power This Bulletproof Glass Can Take

You can even bring your kids right here to this fun video to watch while you’re having this great conversation. Our favorite handgun myth buster is at it again!  We love it when he tries out the claims made by manufacturers of these special safety products.

Have your kids list other places they’ve noticed bulletproof glass, even if it was on TV.

  • secret service automobiles
  • pharmacies
  • 711 clerk counters
  • jewelry stores
  • pawn shops

What’s the first thing people do behind the glass even though they know it’s bulletproof?  If a member of your family was working in a business behind bulletproof glass, what steps would they take if a bad guy came in with a gun?

  • pull the alarm
  • duck so as not to be seen
  • run in the opposite direction

Watch the video now.

Now flip the conversation around and discuss with your kids the power of a handgun shooting without a bulletproof glass to protect the innocent against a criminal act.  Empowering your kids is not scaring them. Better to have this conversation today with them than to deal with a tragedy later on.  Use these video tools to help your kids respect the purpose of a handgun in your home to protect  innocent lives against crime. Guns are never to play with and they’re never to be brought out without a parent present and the gun unloaded.

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