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Fundamental Dry Fire Practicing Tips With The Kids At Home (and During the Covid Craziness)

The weather’s getting colder and the night skies come earlier this time of year. You just can’t seem to get to the range before it’s too dark and you’d rather get home to snuggle in with the family….

Don’t you long for the time when that was your main obstacle in life. Now with the Covid lock downs and the other craziness in our cities, honing your skills is even more important than ever and this video will help you to do just that.

Fundamental Dry Fire Practicing Tips With The Kids At Home

How about unloading all your guns in one room and setting up a family home defense game in the living room?  Each member of the family can practice these fundamental dry fire exercises to become better at defending themselves in case of an emergency.

You’ll be amazed at how good you can get in the fundamentals of shooting just by doing these dry fire drills.

With these drills you can work on:

  • sight picture
  • trigger squeeze
  • grip

Goal:  Get a crisp, clean and smooth shot off!

Later, when you can get to the range,  you’ll be amazed at the muscle memory you’ve developed by just doing these dry fire exercises.

Watch the video now!

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