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Effective Range Training With Only 50 Round of Ammo – Here’s How

Many of us are in a dilemma.  We know that continued and consistent practice is necessary to keep our skills honed so that we can be responsible gun owners.  On the other hand, range time is simply expensive!  And if your family is on a tight financial budget,  ammo for range training might be one of the first things to cut from  expenses.

Effective Range Training With Only 50 Round of Ammo – Here’s How

While that may save you a bit of money, ask yourself, if your life and your family is worth it? It’s important to keep your family’s safety built into your financial budget.  Practice and range time is part of that.   This drill gives you pointers for making the most of both your range time and a limited amount of ammunition and here’s the key to both….

The key is “intentional” training.

Notice what he says about the distance between you and the target and how your breathing effects the accurate shot.

Watch the video now.

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