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Knowing These Criminal Behavior Signs Will Save Lives


Criminals don’t always appear “strange”.  Sometimes they’re as nice as your next door neighbor sharing kitchen staples across the yard.  However, we know from past home invasion scenarios, that nice doesn’t always mean decent and humane.

Knowing These Criminal Behavior Signs Will Save Lives

In the Cheshire Home Invasion murders, we can see several factors that spelled danger but weren’t heeded by the victims.  We’re going to take a look at what the danger signs were and why they possibly weren’t heeded in order to give ourselves a basis for family discussion and reality training in the event of our own home invasion.

Except for those “couple of minutes” — when he and Komisarjevsky murdered the innocent trio — “[we were] nice to everyone,’’ Hayes said.

The New York Post revealed how the criminals truly thought they were “nice” to everyone.

What started this crime of “niceness”?



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