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Caliber, Capacity & Conceal Carry Considerations for Women


It’s a lot to think about, I know, but that’s why we’re here to help to think through all your options and arrive at a quality decision that fits your lifestyle today.  We realize seasons change and so do lifestyles but for today we will choose what’s right for us, our families and our need for personal protection.

Caliber, Capacity & Conceal Carry Considerations for Women

So let’s talk about how to decide on the caliber a woman should consider and how to make that decision for herself.  It’s true, ladies, no one can just hand you a firearm, tell you to shoot it and think that you can possibly embrace the ownership of your own self defense tactics – just like that!

You’ll need quality information to make those decisions for yourself.  So let’s get started….




  • Why does my magazine capacity matter if my attacker uses a higher caliber? Capacity should be correlated to my accuracy and number of attackers, not what caliber they are shooting. If my attacker has a .22 and is accurate, it doesn’t matter if I am carrying my 21 round 9mm if his first shot hits and mine doesn’t.

  • WHY do you keep running this misinformed, ill advised article?! The Sig 238 is NOT “double/single action,” it’s only a single action. That means you need to carry it chamber loaded, hammer cocked, safety on to be ready.

    And forget about reloading during the fight! It’s not going to happen.

    Practice rapid face/neck shots, not reloading.

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