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Before, During and After… Inside Scoop On A Firearm Cartridge

You’ve got to see this awesome video (no sound) that demonstrates what happens to a firearm cartridge before, during and after squeezing the trigger..  You’ll see how the powder charge is packed and what it looks like internally when the charge is ignited.  You’ll see the bullet take off in mid air and what happens during and after penetration.

Before, During and After… Inside Scoop On A Firearm Cartridge

You’ll also discover the important points about using the right ammunition for home defense. This is an excellent tool to discuss with your kids the power of ammunition firing off through the barrel of a firearm.

Witness the actual life of a firearm cartridge before, during and after it has left the barrel in the 3 minute video below.

Then read the important points to remember when choosing ammunition for home defense.  Note:  this is a silent video but the graphics and animation are phenomenal.

Watch the video now. (please note: no sound)

You can choose any priced cartridges for practice at the range, just make sure the manufacturer of your firearm recommends your choice so that the rounds will feed well and not jam.  Always clean your firearm after practicing at the shooting range.

bullet-impactHowever, for home defense you want to make sure you purchase hollow point defensive rounds so that penetration stays inside the target and doesn’t keep traveling through the target, walls, and into a neighbor’s home to hurt innocent by-standers.  Your firearm’s owner manual will list recommendations for hollow points as well or you can call and talk with the manufacturer of your firearm.

No matter what, test fire all ammunition, practice and defensive rounds, at the range for reliable function through your firearm.

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