Defense Tactics

Are You Ever Nervous About Purchasing Internet Items From Strangers?

For Buyers

  • Remember that you are at a disadvantage here. You are carrying a significant amount of cash, and you are coming to the seller.
  • If the seller suggests a meeting place that you do not like for some reason, ask if he can use another venue. Most legitimate sellers will respect this. After all, you don’t know him, and he doesn’t know you.
  • Come early and check out the meeting place before pulling in. Take note of any potential hiding places from which you could be ambushed. Only if you feel that everything is OK do you arrive for the deal.
  • Get the seller’s cell phone number before agreeing to meet.
  • If possible, do not come to the deal alone. You can take your spouse or a friend along. I recommend no more than two people.
  • If you carry concealed, make sure that your firearm is instantly available to you.
  • Stay alert. Watch the seller carefully. Watch his hands.
  • If there is anything about the seller you do not like, just leave.
  • Keep the transaction businesslike and short. Make sure the item you are buying is what the seller says it is. Make the transaction, say goodbye and leave.

Thanks again for these great tips, brought to you by our friends at Concealed Nation.

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