Defense Tactics

Are You Ever Nervous About Purchasing Internet Items From Strangers?

For Sellers

  • NEVER have an unknown buyer come to your home. Arrange to meet the buyer during daylight hours in an open area in public. Busy parking lots work well.
  • Following up on this, Craigslist is best for selling easily transportable items. If you have furniture or other large items, try to find another way to sell.
  • As the seller, you set the price, time and place of the deal. Be suspicious of any buyer who wants you to come to him.
  • Get the buyer’s cell phone number before agreeing to meet.
  • Arrive early to close the transaction. If the buyer or buyers look suspicious or “just not right” in any way, leave immediately.
  • Stay alert during the transaction and don’t engage in idle chit-chat. You show the item, ask to see the money. If the buyer wants to test the item (starting up a chainsaw, for instance) this is fine, but keep an eye out and stay alert.
  • Once the goods and money have changed hands, say goodbye and leave.
  • If you carry, keep it concealed. You do not want to freak out the buyer if he is not a CCW person.

These great tips are brought to you by our friends at Concealed Nation.

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