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Are You Ever Nervous About Purchasing Internet Items From Strangers?

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It’s nice when you find something you need or want for less than commercial price, right?  But it’s dangerous to walk blindly into a situation when purchasing internet items from strangers. Find out what happens during this Playstation exchange and receive tips for your own safety during similar transactions.

Two men wanted to purchase a Playstation (most likely used) from a young lady at a private residence.  It wasn’t revealed if this was a transaction set up via Craigslist or a similar online site. Things got a little strange when Brady, the girl, told the men to walk around back of the house.  If they were there to preview a larger purchase item like a car that might not have been such a strange request.

That’s when Brady’s accomplice confronted the men, pulling out a gun and demanding their belongings.

Fox8News gives the full story here:

One of the buyers was carrying his gun (and conceal carry permit) and at the right moment drew his gun and told the accomplice to drop his weapon and get on the ground

The perp drops his weapon and runs away leaving the girl to be arrested for the scheme.

Officers recovered a PlayStation box with a brick inside and the suspect’s weapon, which turned out to be a pellet gun, from the scene.

Again, you can read the full story here, courtesy of Fox8News:

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