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A Surprising Ballistic Gel Test on a 12 Gauge Foster Slug

Even if you haven’t purchased a hand gun for personal protection, if you keep a shot gun or rifle for hunting, you have a gun that will seriously stop the ‘bad guy’. Find out exactly what stops this slug.

A Surprising Ballistic Gel Test on a 12 Gauge Foster Slug

It might not be a first choice for a crime stopper, but it will seriously do the job if an emergency arises.  By using a series of different targets with different densities & textures, this video displays the stopping power of a 12 gauge slug.   It is best to have an easily concealable and accessible handgun for personal self defense, but if you are still shopping around for that perfect handgun for you,  just pick up a box of this ammo at the gun shop.  You will have protection at least until you find the right personal defense gun.

Wait until you see exactly what happens to this slug upon impact.

Watch the video now.

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