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A Sighting System That Brings Dual Purposes To Your Shotgun

You know, Ladies, we are really good, as moms and grandmothers, at smiling past the seemingly arrogant presentations of our male counterparts to learn from the content they offer and press on to apply the concepts with excellence ourselves.  And how often do we hear about women surpassing the shooting skills of their dads, husbands, brothers, and friends? and yes, from the very mouths of their dads, husbands, and friends!!!!

On this blog, you can do the same with every training video because you can view the content and go on to apply the concepts to your own life and home defense plan while smiling through it all.

Our presenter today has a military background and he, too, presents quality training techniques, so do what you have to do to learn from the excellent content he offers about shotgun sighting systems.

A Sighting System That Brings Dual Purposes To Your Shotgun

By examining the evolution of sighting systems for shotguns, as well as the traditional uses, he presents both the theoretical and the practical options for sighting systems for a shotgun. As he presents the different options, you may also want to consider upgrading the sighting system on your shotgun.  With this minor and relatively inexpensive change, your shotgun can serve these dual purposes.


The dual purposes are:
  • hunting
  • home defense

Replacing a sighting system might seem expensive, but compared to buying another gun, it may serve as a home defense firearm while you are making a decision on a pistol.

Watch the video now.

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