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A Conceal Carry Licensed Woman Refused This Home Invader

When this woman returned home from a week out of town, she was in for a surprise.  But not as surprised as the intruder who had taken up residence in her home while she was away.

A Conceal Carry Licensed Woman Refused This Home Invader

Two years ago, this woman,  took a conceal carry class and bought a gun for personal self defense.  She didn’t buy it and then go looking for trouble. Instead, she simply had a means of protection as she goes about her business.  When her business took her away from home for a week, she was not expecting to come home to a house occupied by an intruder.  As soon as she walked in, however she knew something was wrong.  She followed the safety protocol which includes these important steps.

             * being watchful

             * listening to her gut that something was wrong

             * calling 911

            * getting her gun.

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