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6 Elements to Guard Your Family Against Home Invasion

According to defense professionals, everything went wrong in the Washington D.C. mansion murders.  The attackers knew “things” about the family prior to the attack.  The family had a ferocious guard dog that was quieted somehow.  There is suspicion there was an accomplice.

6 Elements to Guard Your Family Against Home Invasion

There are several critical things we can learn from this tragedy.  One is certainly to have a family defense plan but even more essential is to make sure everyone keeps this plan and all of the strategic elements secret from anyone living and/or working outside the confines of the home.

Consider making these strategic elements a part of your family defense plan.

Developing a family plan is not hard – it just takes some thought and energy to gather everything into place and then practice as a family so everyone knows what to do in the event of a home invasion.

1. Decide on a family “code” word that is not used in everyday conversation or jokingly so that in the event of an emergency when it is used – everyone knows this is serious and to initiate the family plan immediately for safety.

2. Designate a “safe” room or place stocked with a prepaid cell phone on a charged base, keys to the house you can throw out a window for police to enter, vital medications, baby supplies, and a firearm.

3. Devise your “early warning” systems and put them in place such as:

  • Strengthen your outer door knobs and hinges
  • For inner door knobs, strengthen with a Jammer Door Brace
  • Use REX motion detector from inside the home to sound out that someone is at the door
  • Install a 360 degree door peeper to ensure you know the person and their intent before opening the door
  • Install Doberman alarms on all glass window and door entrances

You can go to Moms & Guns Security Recommendations to find these suggested items plus a lot more.

4. Criminals fear getting caught or hurt during their attack.  You can leverage this fact by being prepared to subdue them.  Watch the video on just how to subdue home attackers.

Watch the video now.

5. It is mentioned in the news that the family had a ferocious guard dog.  We can learn from their mistake that though a dog may alert strangers on the property on a daily basis, in the event of a well planned invasion, the dog would be their first challenge to overcome before entering the home.  Hence, if your dog suddenly becomes silent or is no where to be found, especially when calling out to him/her, put your family defense plan in motion immediately.

6. With the type dog owned plus a Martial Art interest, it’s conclusive the family wasn’t ignorant to family defense planning. However, what isn’t clear is whether the family owned and was trained in a “force multiplier” like a firearm for home defense.  D.C. has some pretty stiff firearm restrictions but in this case – when your child is being stabbed and tortured in his own home – a gun would have stopped the knife attack.

Here’s a 22 minute CNN documentary on the DC Mansion murders plus a family workbook to develop your own home defense plan alongside all members of your family.


If you’d like a step by step guide how to put your family plan together, grab a copy of Moms & Guns “Keeping Kids Safe” workbook for the family to do together.  Features of the workbook include:

  • a check list to go around your home with your kids to decide what are the vulnerable places that need fortifying first.
  • it helps you work with your kids on choosing the family “code word” and finally there are
  • games you can play with children of various ages to practice the family plan.

It’s a great tool to help you develop creative ways as a family to stay safe.  All the necessary items have short links and if those items are no longer available, Amazon will make suggestions for similar, inexpensive tools your family can use.

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