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Shooting 6 Inch Center Mass & 3 Other Myths


We believe strongly that owning a firearm that fits your hand and is the size, weight and caliber you can handle best, will help you be more accurate in stopping a threat. The key is minimizing the factors that would decrease your chance to survival.  That said, though, what if you’re in a gun fight with a group and your gun runs out of bullets, including the two extra magazines you carry, and you have to pick up another person’s gun to continue defending the group?


Shooting 6 Inch Center Mass & 3 Other Myths


If you practice this certain way with your own gun, then switching to another gun – feared to be less accurate than yours – won’t inhibit your ability to continue your defense stance.


Mike Ox is the best dry fire trainer around.  He deals with 4 myths about firearms that can be overcome. Let’s look at each one now.





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