Defense Tactics

3 Ways Criminals Capture – 1 Easy Way You Get Free

Every single person on the planet should know these basic survival skills.  Every criminal has carefully planned the attack so you must as diligent or better at planning your defense. Determining the disposition of the criminal act and what they might do in what time frame could be critical to your ability to help yourself and/or others.

3 Ways Criminals Capture – 1 Easy Way You Get Free

This is not just TV or movie scenes we’re talking about here.  This is real life.  The first thing any criminal must do is subdue his/her captor(s).  They do this in various ways:

  • spike your drink (don’t take food or drink from a stranger – ever)
  • lure you away from your familiar location or a crowd of witnesses (don’t take the lure)
  • grab and bind you up (uh-oh, you’ve been had – or not)

So this is what you must know how to do to get free and to safety.



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