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3 Easy Elements To This Home Invasion Family Defense Plan


The video reveals three things that came into play for this household and what the outcome was . . .

  • early warning system(s) in place – dog, alarm, hearing glass breaking
  • firearm readily available – bedside mount
  • accurate shot – practice, practice, practice


I tell myself every night to wake up if I hear glass breaking or any other early warning systems I have throughout my home (naming each sound).  Then I strategically place my handgun in my bedroom for fast retrieval when the early warning systems go off.  Finally, I purposely and regularly practice shooting for an accurate shot to make sure I can stop a threat immediately to save me and/or my family members.


That’s my plan.  What’s yours?


Watch the video to find out more about this home invasion case….



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  • Great video. I watched a video recently where every home in a community was required to have a gun. Crime rates dropped significantly. The ‘stand your ground’ laws are so important, not only to protecting homeowners but to deter crime. I can’t believe one shot killed the man. Wow. Thanks for sharing.

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