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3 Types of Ammo for Shotgun Explained

If you main choice of weapon for home defense is a shotgun, then this is pretty important information to know.  The last thing you want to do is shoot at the perpetrator with such a wide spread that hardly penetrates so you barely stop the threat but end up hitting an innocent bystander or family member inside your home.

3 Types of Ammo for Shotgun Explained

Furthermore, you don’t want to sent heavy rounds into your wall causing all kinds of damage but the threat keeps coming at you because you can’t manage to aim accurately enough to get a round where you need it to go.

Knowing this information will prepare you and your family for the best scenario that is in your favor and dangerous for the criminal.

The 3 types of ammo to consider are:

  • birdshot
  • slugs
  • buckshot

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