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3 Things to Consider When Traveling While Carrying Concealed

Maybe you are a ‘never leave home without it’ gun carrier. If so, there are some things to consider if you are wandering very far from home, especially out-of-state to specific tourist locations.

3 Things to Consider When Traveling While Carrying Concealed

So if you have been carrying concealed for any length of time, the new awareness has worn off, and it has simply become part of who you are.  Admit it… you may have even actually forgotten to check the posted signs at the library before going in to drop off those overdue books.  But when traveling out of state this kind of negligence can be dangerous to your freedoms.  Here’s why….

3 things to consider when traveling while carrying concealed:

  • check out the conceal carry law in the states you will be traveling through and to
  • check out the security measures available to you in your place of lodging
  • consider carefully which gun you travel with

Watch the video now.

You know, we always have to consider the “laws” of the state because we are law-abiding citizens, right? That said, you know what you have to do to defend your family. It would be awesome to take a trip and never face an evil moment whatsoever. Many have and many will continue to do so.  It’s best not to go to places where your family’s safety could be compromised. It’s better to be prepared to defend with all members of your family knowing the “plan” and further prepared to face the legal consequences than to be caught unprepared and too dead to speak for yourself in court. Bottom line – there are risks involved when carrying concealed.  It’s your choice of outcomes you and your family will have to live with. Knowing our choices clearly we decide not to live in fear no matter what.

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