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3 Things to Consider if Using a Shotgun For Self Defense

Everyone thinks that a shotgun has this huge pattern, and that it doesn’t have the impact power needed to stop a bad guy in an emergency situation.  But a shotgun can give you a tactical advantage if necessary.

3 Things to Consider if Using a Shotgun For Self Defense

Using several different  shotguns and  ammo loads,  this video considers a shotgun for self defense.  While a shotgun is not the gun for a mommy to conceal when she’s out and about, it can be an effective home defense gun.  If you have a hunting gun hanging around, don’t forget that your shotgun can be an integral part of your total home defense plan.  And don’t forget to practice.  Also, remember to train your family members with this gun as well as your hand gun.  The stance and posture advice given in this video shows you how you can effectively  use your shotgun for self defense.

Watch the video now.

3 things to consider if using a shotgun for self defense:

  • range – where is the bad guy?
  • available ammo and size of gun
  • over penetration  – what is in the next room?

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