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3 Steps To Safety When Walking To Your Car Alone At Night

The lot where you parked your car during the day changed drastically when you go to leave after dark. Here are some safety protocols for walking to your car alone at night.

3 Steps To Safety When Walking To Your Car Alone At Night

Students ask me all the time what they could do in places where it’s illegal to carry their firearm.  There are three steps to planning your personal safety strategy. The first step includes two self defense devices you should carry with you at all times and they’re not illegal at anytime – anywhere. And they weigh practically nothing to add to your personal safety tools.

However, you need to understand how to use these items effectively to thwart or stop an attack so you can get to safety.

Find out what the three steps to personal safety are by watching the 8 minute video on the next page . . .

Personal safety strategies is not about fighting, it’s about being  aware of your surroundings and prepared to defend yourself, if necessary.

Step 1: Tools

  • Tactical Flashlight – see demonstration uses on video
  • Tactical Pen – see demonstration uses on video

Step 2: Tactics

  • Light Up the Area – Blind the perp
  • Engage – strike hard with tactical pen – learn where to hit effectively on video

Step 3: Personal Safety Strategies

  • Prepare with defense devices in hand before walking out the door and into the parking lot
  • Shine light, step right, hit hard – see demonstration on video
  • Results: Perp can’t see – Surprise, Shock, Pain – you get away to safety

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This Little Defense Tool Helps When A Gun Will Not

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