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.22LR Penetration and Wounding Ability

Ladies, once you get past the initial learning curve of shooting your brand new firearm, there’s always more to absorb in order to become proficient at stopping a threat.  It’s a marathon, not a sprint but a great journey, none-the-less!

 .22lr Penetration and Wounding Ability of Several Premium Cartridges

This is not a debate about whether or not you should conceal carry a .22 handgun.  We always recommend that you to choose a carry gun that is the largest caliber you can manage and shoot accurately.  It is better to shoot and hit with a .22lr than shoot and miss with a larger caliber. If you do choose to use a .22lr for self defense, knowing your ammunition’s capabilities is very important.

So, that said, let’s see just how far away you can be to stop that threat with a .22 handgun or rifle.

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Now, discover the most effective .22lr round available….

In this demonstration, they test expansion & penetration of various .22lr rounds.

Here are the brands they test in the video:

  • Remington Yellow Jacket Hollow Point
  • Remington Thunder Bolt High Velocity
  • CCI Segmented Rounds  (1640 feet per second)
  • Aguilr Super Maximum Hyper Velocity (30 grain)
  • CCI Stinger

Watch the video now!

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  • 22 may stop a threat from some distance away with plenty of time , but then is it a threat ? Most deadly confrontations are less then ten feet away. If you are mentally capable and highly skilled, you may stop an attack. The 22 cal was never designed stop anything the size of a human. If you cannot handle a 9mm or 38 cal with accuracy and confidence , don’t get involved. More victims are killed with their own weapons then not. Good luck.

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